Onyx Cinema LED Technology

Eclair is renowned for its expertise and creative value brought to any projects from feature-length films to TV series and the permanent quest for innovation, including HDR, has been part of its DNA since its founding, in 1907. 

On 7 November 2018, Eclair unveiled its new auditorium equipped with an Onyx Cinema LED solution at its Paris-Vanves facility. Eclair is now  capable of producing ultra-sharp 4K resolution content in scope and flat formats, delivering the highest levels of visual quality and technical performance – contrast ratio of 1 000 000:1, color grading with true zero nit black, and EclairColor HDR DCP mastering – to worldwide filmmakers, producers and distributors.

The Onyx screen incorporates EclairColor HDR technology, the only full range HDR (High Dynamic Range) cinema solution on the market, enhancing the projected image thanks to a peak brightness of 300 nits, nearly 10 times greater than the normal cinema standard. Taking full advantage of the Onyx’s capabilities with a specific version – deep blacks, unparalleled image uniformity and absence of distortion – EclairColor HDR makes content appear more realistic and more detailed... the truest version to the artistic vision!

Contributing to the future of cinema, Eclair thus became the second lab in the world to provide professional services specifically tailored for this new emissive technology from Samsung.