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EclairPlay is the new content platform connecting exhibitors, distributors and content owners around the world.

Our simple-to-use service allows cinema exhibitors to access feature and trailer DCPs, marketing and promotional materials, all within one secure platform. With EclairPlay you're only three clicks away from resources you need.

For distributors and content owners, EclairPlay provides a direct connection to exhibitors, film programmers and buyers and can facilitate direct communication for bookings, in addition to being a cost-effective and efficient DCP delivery platform.

Connect to our website and visit our different platforms entirely customized for each territory :

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Washington DC, New York City (NY)/ 23 April 2018 / The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO)’s Cinema Buying Group (CBG) today announced a global partnership with Eclair USA, the US branch of Eclair, a leader in content services for the motion picture and television industries in Europe (...