EclairColor HDR Presentations at CineEurope 2017

EclairColor HDR Presentations at CineEurope 2017
Press Release

Paris (France) & Barcelona (Spain) – 16 June 2017/ Ymagis Group’s CinemaNext, the European specialist in cinema exhibitor services, and Eclair, a leader in content services for the motion picture and television industries, today announced they will be showcasing their revolutionary EclairColor digital high dynamic range (HDR) technology in conjunction with the upcoming CineEurope from June 19-21 in Barcelona (Spain) at the Cinesa cinema complex, located in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Mall.                        

Cinesa’s auditorium 13 has been specially-equipped for the duration of the CineEurope convention with a Sony Digital Cinema 4K SRX-R515 projection system and MAG THOR cinema subwoofer. The June 19-21 EclairColor presentations are open to all cinema exhibitors, distributors and professionals upon presentation of their accreditation and subject to availability.

Reservations can be made via the online booking platform at

EclairColor is a new digital HDR color solution that combines a mastering process and the optimization of select projection system technologies readily available today through CinemaNext. EclairColor is the culmination of eighteen months of development and extensive testing by Eclair and CinemaNext engineers. All types of cinemas, regardless of their screen size, can be equipped with EclairColor. The equipment can be used to run EclairColor mastered content as well as standard DCI content.

To date, 89 screens are equipped with or under contract for EclairColor technology:

France: 45 screens, including Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé et Megarama

Germany: 41 screens, including CineCitta Multiplexkino and Cineplex

United Kingdom, Tunisia and Italy: 3 screens, including Curzon Cinema and Circuito Cinema

For a detailed map of the cinemas equipped with EclairColor and the list of upcoming movies, titles currently in theaters or past releases, visit our new website

“We are delighted to be presenting our cost-effective EclairColor HDR technology to CineEurope attendees,” explains Ymagis Group CEO & co-founder Jean Mizrahi. “We are making great progress in marketing our new brand and building a strong line-up of films available in EclairColor in our first two territories: France and Germany. 36 feature films including ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Lost City of Z,’ directed respectively by Damien Chazelle and James Gray, have been released or have been committed to by international and independent distributors both in France and in Germany.”

“With EclairColor, the benefits for moviegoers with a significantly enhanced image are real,” comments Till Cussmann, SVP CinemaNext. “The color range is much richer, the gradients much more refined, even in the darkest colors. Cinemas, from the earliest days, have been on the cutting edge of image and sound innovation, and they must remain an experience unlike any other.”

EclairColor™ is a registered trademark of Ymagis Group. 


Ymagis Group is a leader in advanced digital technology services for the cinema industry. Through CinemaNext and Eclair, the Group provides innovative solutions to movie exhibitors, distributors (feature films & event cinema), producers, cinema/TV advertising networks, rights holders, broadcasters, VOD/S-VOD platform operators and video publishers. Founded in 2007, Ymagis Group is headquartered in Paris and has offices in 23 countries with more than 700 employees. Our core business is structured around three main units: CinemaNext (exhibitor services: sales and field services, software solutions, customer service/NOC and consulting), Eclair (content services: post-production, theatrical delivery, digital distribution, versioning and accessibility, restoration and preservation) and Ymagis (financial services). For more information, please connect to, or

About Sony Digital Cinema 4K: HDR-ready projection

Sony Digital Cinema 4K is currently the only manufacturer of affordable cinema projection equipment that meets image brightness and contrast requirements for the presentation of movies mastered using the EclairColor High Dynamic Range (HDR) process. Offering light output levels ranging from 9,000 lumens to 60,000 lumens to suit every size of screen, all Sony’s SRX-R500 Series 4K projectors are ‘HDR-ready’ as standard with an industry-leading average contrast ratio of 8000:1. This exceeds the specification set for screening movies mastered using the EclairColor solution. Developed by CinemaNext and Eclair (Ymagis Group), EclairColor is a proprietary mastering process that optimizes content for presentation at reference light levels of 30fL for 2D projection. This allows EclairColor-certified cinemas operating Sony SRX-R500 projectors to play films with an expanded range of brightness levels for an impressive HDR entertainment experience.



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